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Do you want to know RIGHT NOW how YOU can start watching 6,000 TV Channels on Sports, Music, News, Movies, and more, right from your PC? Are you sick and tired of paying your wallet-ripping Cable or Satellite TV bill each month? Do you want to save your hard earned money and STILL be able to enjoy all of your favorite programs at the comfort of your PC? Then you’ve been longing for an Online Satellite TV software program.

My review: With just a one time subscription payment, and a quick installation session (less than 2 minutes), I was able to enjoy nearly 6,000 TV Channels, streaming right to my computer from over 100 countries in the world – this is no joke. Their program really has the ability to stream THAT MANY channels, and pretty much all of them are High Quality – the good thing is that, for all low quality channels, EasyTV automatically removes them from the channels list, so that leaves me with less frustration.

I never had an issue with the EasyTV software program, but because I am a nit picker and a very “hard” reviewer of products, I decided to call their 24/7 tech support just to see how organized they were. I can tell you that they really know their stuff – I asked them a few technical questions about setup and development and the operators were very tech savvy and friendly. This is not like most other Online Satellite TV software program developers – you’ll be lucky if anyone even answers your call, for those other ones. Click Here to find out more about this truly amazing product.


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  Customer Testimonial


Quality: Excellent

Simplicity: Easy to Install and Use

Support: Excellent

Cost: Low

Satisfaction Rate: 9.9/10

Quality: Excellent



Pure genius, this is definitely the next generation standard for Satellite TV on PC.


Brandon Lawrence, New Orleans, USA


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That’s right, you can watch 4,000 to 6,000 TV Channels from over 100 countries in the world, right now.

The full package comes with 24/7 Free Customer Support so you will always be enjoying the comfort of watching your favorite programs without frustration or delay.

With Easy TV, you can watch hundreds of these LIVE worldwide channels on your PC:

  • Sports
  • Kids Channels
  • Shopping
  • News
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Radio Stations
  • Weather
  • Educational

Here are some of the Top things that Easy TV offers:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Complete Online Channels List
  • FLV players
  • Windows Vista friendly
  • Ads FREE
  • FREE 24/7 Support & Customer Center

There is NO Reason to Delay!



How Does Satellite TV Work?

Satellite television  transmits and broadcast signals from satellites orbiting the Earth. They satellite dishes to receive and transmit radio signal. The viewer's dish picks the signal from the satellite and passes it on to the receiver in the viewer's house. The satellite tv receiver processes the signal and passes it on to a television. The programming provider doesn't create it on it's own, it pays other companies for the right to broadcast it! The dish on it's own can only receive it and can't transmit. DIRECTV, Dish Network and VOOM - each of the companies operate their own fleet of satellites. Righ at the moment  DISH Network has nine satellites, DIRECT TV has four satellites and VOOM the smallest one has 1 satellite. To receive signals from any of them, you will need the following equipment: a  dish, a receiver, and a remote control. You'll get all of them when you subscribe to satellite TV service.

HDNET - Satellite Tv Channel 9422
HDNet features a variety of HDTV programming, including live sports, dramas, documentaries, travel programs, concerts, special events and news features.

Satellite Tv setup is available in the following states Alabama (AL) Arizona (AZ)Arkansas (AR) California (CA) Colorado (CO) Connecticut (CT) Delaware (DE) District of Columbia (DC) Florida (FL) Georgia (GA) Hawaii (HI) Idaho (ID) Illinois (IL) Indiana (IN) Iowa (IA) Kansas (KS) Kentucky (KY)  Louisiana (LA) Maine (ME) Maryland (MD) Massachusetts (MA) Michigan (MI) Minnesota (MN) Mississippi (MS) Missouri (MO) Montana (MT) Nebraska (NE) Nevada (NV) New Hampshire (NH) New Jersey (NJ)New Mexico (NM) New York (NY) North Carolina (NC) North Dakota (ND)  Ohio (OH) Oklahoma (OK) Oregon (OR) Pennsylvania (PA) Rhode Island (RI) South Carolina (SC) South Dakota (SD) Tennessee (TN) Texas (TX) Utah (UT) Vermont (VT) Virginia (VA) Washington (WA) West Virginia (WV) Wisconsin (WI)Wyoming (WY). This is what I call cheap satellite tv for everyone! Just order it online.

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Satellite tv listings are listed below. Your favourite programming in ready to subscribe 
packages. Best entertainment available right from the sky!

More information about dish network international satellite tv frequencies :

Asia TV SID 587 VPID 6690
Satellite TV 5 États-Unis SID 606 VPID 41
Zee TV SID 611 VPID 4386
The Israeli Network SID 656 VPID 6178
Business TV SID 9622 VPID 4146
Arirang TV World 2 SID 653 VPID 5666


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